Create Swatches in Product Options

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Bold Product Options allows you to create swatches to display either a colour, or an image. You can use swatches to show your customers different colours, patterns, images, and more.

Each swatch can be created and linked to the products within your Shopify store.


Swatches are only available on the Premium version of Bold Product Options. Please visit Product Options: Information & Overview for more information.

Create an Option / Option Set

It is important to note that multiple option sets should not be applied to the same products.

If you're needing to apply several options to 1 product, create only one option set for that particular product.

  1. From within the Product Options app, select Options in the top navigation bar.
  2. Select Create Option Set.
  3. Create an Option Set Name.

    Note: This name is for your internal reference only and will not appear for your customers. We recommend naming it in accordance with the options you'll be creating, IE. T-Shirts or Pants.

  4. Choose Select Products, then select Products or Dynamic List.

    Note: If you are selecting more than 15 products, we recommend creating a dynamic list instead. These can be created as a Hidden Smart Collection within the Shopify admin.

    If a newly created product is not appearing in the product selector, select Sync with Shopify at the top of the product selector.

    Select Sync with Shopify

  5. Select Save Selection.
  6. Select Create new option.
    Create New Option Selection
  7. Enter a Name, and the Swatches (Single Choice) or Swatches (Multiple Choice) option.

    Note: Swatches (Single Choice) only allow your customers to select 1 swatch; Swatches (Multiple Choice) allow your customers to select several swatches.

  8. Enter the Values.
  9. Beside the value name, select the Target.
    Select the Target Option
  10. Choose to upload an image or select a color option to appear as the swatch on the product page.

    Choose Upload an Image or select a color

  11. Check the Selected box if you'd like that value to be selected by default. (optional)

    Selected Swatches

  12. Select Adjusts Price to add a price to your swatch. (optional)

    Select Adjusts Price

  13. Select Create a charge or Use an existing variant in your shop.

    Note: "Create a charge" allows you enter whatever price you fancy; "Use an existing variant on your shop" allows you to select a pre-existing variant from your Shopify Admin. The price of the pre-existing variant will then be applied to your newly created swatch.

  14. Select How do you want to handle quantities? Please visit Create, Edit, or Delete Options and Option Sets for more info.

    How Do You Want To Handle Quantities

  15. Select Save.
  16. Select Save Option Set.

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