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Bold Product Options 2.0 provides you with the ability to allow your customers to personalize your store's products.

If your options are not displaying on the product page of your store, please make sure you've done the following first:

  • Completed the Product Options code install.
  • Visited the page in multiple browsers.
  • Used your web browser's private/incognito mode.
  • You have followed the steps at and forced the browser to download the most recent data.
  • Waited until the option set is waiting to be re-synced message has disappeared from the app admin.

If the options are still not appearing on your store after going through the above, please see the following fixes below.

New Options not Displaying on Storefront


Newly created options may also not display due to syncing. When an option set is created, the option set may display option set is waiting to be re-synced. This message will disappear once the sync has finished, and your options will display once the sync has finished.

Please visit Create, Edit, or Delete Options and Option Sets for more information.

When options are first created and applied to the products on your store, it can take up to an hour for this information to appear on the product page(s).

Using the below method will clear your store's cache, and may help with making the options appear more quickly:

  1. From the Shopify admin, select Online Store, then Actions > Edit code.
  2. Under Snippets, select sc-includes.liquid.
  3. At the bottom of the file, find the line:

    Note: The number at the end of the cache is randomly generated. Your cache number will look different from ours.

    window.BOLD.common.cacheParams.options = 1234567890;

  4. Change the last two numbers of the line to any other numbers:

    Note: The number at the end of the cache is randomly generated. Your cache number will look different from ours.

  5. Select Save.

In order for these changes to take affect in your browser, you may need to refresh your cache. Please visit RefreshYourCache for more information on how to do this relative to your browser.

Priced Options not Appearing in Checkout or Within Orders

Buy Now buttons are not compatible with Product Options. Buy Now buttons skip the cart page, and as a result, your customer's options will not get brought into the checkout.

Please visit Hide the Buy Now Checkout Button with Product Options for steps on either hiding the button from your store, or only from product pages that contain options created via Product Options.

If you're noticing that your priced options are specifically not appearing within the checkout or orders made on your store, it may be because there is a broken link to that priced option.

When selecting products to be included within each option set, we recommend selecting only 15 individual products at once. If you are looking to apply options to 15 or more products, please create a dynamic list.

To ensure that all of your priced options are linked properly, please follow the steps below.

  1. From within the Product Options admin, select Options.
  2. Select Edit next to the option set you want to adjust.
  3. Find an option that adjusts the price.

    Product Option Priced Option

  4. Select Review Variant

    Product Option Review Variant

  5. If this section is blank, this means that the link has been broken.

    Product Options Broken Link

  6. Select Edit Selection.
  7. Find the correct variant and select Save Selection.
  8. Select Save.

This should resolve any troubles with priced options not appearing in the checkout, or within orders.

If the product is correctly attached but still missing from the checkout, please contact our Merchant Success team.

Shopify Products not appearing within Option app

Whenever a new product is created within Shopify, it will take some time to sync this information to the Product Options app. We recommend completing a sync to help pull that information from Shopify more quickly.

Note: Products from Shopify can be synced once every 24 hours. Please add all your products to Shopify before completing a sync.

To sync your Shopify Products with Bold Product Options, follow these steps:

  1. From within the Product Options admin, select Options.
  2. Select Edit next to the option set you'd like to adjust.
  3. Select Review Products.
  4. Select Edit Selection.
  5. Select Sync with Shopify.

    Select Sync with Shopify

Once the sync is completed, your new Shopify products should be appearing within the Bold Product Options app.

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